Michigan District UPCI

Supporting and equipping the ministers and churches of our District in sharing the whole Gospel with the whole world, beginning right here in Michigan.

Spring District Conference May 10-11 at WR Starr Camp!

About the Michigan District

We are the Michigan District of the United Pentecostal Church, International. We exist to support and equip our ministers and churches in sharing the whole Gospel to the whole world, beginning right here in Michigan. We serve over 240 ministers among more than 110 churches through training, fellowship, missions, and inspiration.

Breathtaking landscapes, Big cities, starry skiesfamily funoutdoor adventures and places to shop, eat and stay localeveryone can experience it all in Pure Michigan. But our greatest natural resource is our rich heritage of Apostolic ministry, and our passion for the Great Commission and the Great Commandments.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s change the world together.

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License with the UPCI provides ministers with recognition as a licensed minister and increases credibility in the eyes of the public and others within the church community.

Giving and Budget Fees

Whether paying budget fees, contributing to our campgrounds, donating to a ministry offering, or other payment, you can use our online giving portal here.

Streaming Archives

Are you looking for inspirational content, training videos, or to catch up on a conference message you missed? View our archives of live-streamed services here.

District Events

Download the 2024 Events Calendar (.pdf 761kb)

April 19 – 20 – Momentum Men’s Conference
April 26 – Master Youth Rally
May 10 – 11 – Spring District Conference
May 19 – Pentecost Sunday
June 17 – 21 – Children’s Camp
June 28 – 29 – Hyphen Camp

July 1 – 6 – Youth Camp (Junior & Senior High combined)
July 11 – 13 – Ladies Retreat
July 16 – 19 – Family Camp
August 16 – 17 – Spanish Conference
September 7 – Children’s Ministry Workshop
September 12 – 14 – Ministers Marriage Retreat
September 21 – Fall Prayer Summons
October 1 – 4 – General Conference (Long Beach, CA)
October 10 – 11 – UPward Retreat for U.P.
October 12 – Regional Hyphen Rally
October 25 – 26 – Youth Ministries Real McCoy Weekend
November 8 – 9 – ELEVATE District Fall Conference
December 26 – 28 – Holiday Youth Convention

William R. Starr Camp & Conference Center

Situated in the countryside of beautiful Marshall Michigan, our campground facilities offer inspirational gatherings, exciting recreation, and restful retreats. Book your next event today.

22400 B Dr N
Marshall MI 49068 (Directions)

Camp Director: Larry Spooner

The Harvest is Ready!

From urban metropolitan to rural villages, Michigan is filled with lost and hurting people. 10 million souls cry out daily for the void within to be filled, and God has positioned the Apostolic churches of Michigan to reach them. We can do this together.

It's Up To Us!

You are a missionary, and Michigan is our mission. We must be about the next spiritual conversation… the next Bible study… the next convert… the next preaching point… the next daughter work… the next one. The harvest is calling… can you hear it?

District Leadership

District Leaders

District Superintendent
Rev. Kevin Leaman

Rev. Jay Jones


Ministry Name Director Secretary Address
North American Missions Brian Michael Kevin Willis PO Box 31
Auburn, MI 48611
Global Missions Michael Parsons
Youth Blake Zenobia Jerry Zimmerman 12745 Georgia Avenue
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Men Doug Wright
Ladies Jerusha McGhee Faith Kleiman
Kids David Morehead Paul Brown PO Box 401
Gaylord, MI 49734
Prayer Jon Graham Courtney Graham
Spanish Evangelism
Prison James Noe
Today’s Christian Girl Laura Kinsler
Ministry of Comfort Kent and Amy Bolinger
Evangelists Brian Michael
Camp Board Larry Spooner


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PO Box 888461
Kentwood, MI 49588

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(616) 745-1487